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Daily Schedule

 7:25-7:55 Morning Work

 7:55 Breakfast  

7:55- 8:30  Continued Morning Work

8:30-9:55 Reading

9:55- 10:45 Resource

10:45- 11:55 Math

11:55- 12:25 Lunch

12:25- 12:55 Recess

12:55- 1:55 RTI 

1:55- 2:30 Science

2:30- 2:50 Recess 

3:00- 3:35 Social Studies

3:35- 3:40 Dismissal 

Distance Learning 1/11-1/13

Stana Self

Upcoming Events

Stana Self

Google Classroom

Reminder: In order to access my google classroom you will need to know your students email which is their first initial, last name, and then the year they will graduate. For example

Each students email will end in 2032, because that is the year they should graduate.

Their password will be: Hugo2022! 

It will then prompt you to change their password. Please be sure to write this down because after you change it we will not have access to it.

If you changed their password last year and this password does not work, try resetting by choosing the forgot password option.


Contact Stana Self

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